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College of Ozarks Farmers Market Season Begins — Culinary Presentations Offered

20150605_100202Student managers at the C of O Keeter Center’s Dobyns Dining Room,  Maalek Getchell and Maggie Oliver, hold a culinary demonstration for shoppers at the Fri, June 5, Farmers Market.

      Maalek Getchell takes a break after a comprehensive culinary presentation on making homemade kimchi while Maggie Oliver demonstrates some hands-on techniques for the recipe. The presentation included information about the abundance of nutritional benefits contained in Swiss chard, kale and  kimchi along with details for preparing the vegetables and also making sauces.  The two student chefs also prepared stir fried rice with the veggies and spices, then passed out samples of both dishes to the audience.

Tips from the  C of O culinary students:  For better textured rice, rinse the uncooked rice several times in cold water before cooking — Getchell. When peeling those difficult twists of raw ginger, try using the edge of a spoon — Oliver.

     College of the Ozarks Farmers Market is held each Friday through the summer from 7 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The market features campus grown produce, meats, student-made products, plants, garden and dairy tours. Culinary demonstration are at 8 a.m and 10 a.m. The market is held in the Sale Barn located  in the Agriculture Department area.  After entering the campus, take a right turn at the posted Farmers Market sign (just past Lake Honor also on your right).  Drive past the W. Alton Jones milking parlor to the Sale Barn.

Table Rock Dam Flood Gates Open

Recent persistent  rainfall contributed to high water in streams and lakes.  Flood gates at Table Rock Dam were open meaning very swift water along Lake Taneycomo.  Rainbow trout fishing appeared good, but extreme caution along waterways is advised.

Area water overflowed banks, Taneycomo running swift, caution advised. Mr. Heron (below) takes the phases of nature in stride.  (5/30-31/2015)


Attorney General Koster sues four sham cancer charities for defrauding donors of more than $187 million

Attorney General Chris Koster, joined by 49 other state attorneys general and the Federal Trade Commission, has filed a lawsuit against four so-called cancer charities and their operators, who Koster alleges have received more than $187 million by scamming consumers throughout the country – including cheating Missourians of at least $3 million.

 The states and the FTC allege the defendants represented themselves as legitimate charities that provide direct support to cancer patients, children with cancer, and breast cancer patients in the United States. In fact, the complaint alleges more than 90 percent of consumers’ contributions benefited only the operators, their families and friends, and professional fundraisers.

 The complaint targets:

 ·       Cancer Fund of America, Inc. and Cancer Support Services, Inc., and the corporations’ president, James Reynolds, Sr., and chief financial officer, Kyle Effler.

 ·       Children’s Cancer Fund of America, Inc., and its president and executive director, Rose Perkins.

 ·       Breast Cancer Society, Inc., and its executive director and former president, James Reynolds II.

 The complaint alleges the corporate defendants “operated as personal fiefdoms with Continue reading Attorney General Koster sues four sham cancer charities for defrauding donors of more than $187 million

2014 Year in Review Edition

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BSB Complete Edition Year End Review Dec 2014 

Top Feature: Waitress Receives Incredible Gift of Kindness


By Earl Stresak

Uh oh! I must be in trouble,” thought Branson Cracker Barrel waitress Cindi Grady as she followed her boss toward the restaurant’s front door. She tried to think of what she could have possibly done wrong. Cindi began getting a little nervous. The events leading up to the moment started last summer when Gary and Roxann Tackett from Quitman, Ark., frequented the restaurant while visiting Branson. Cindi would wait on them. “They are the most friendly people in the world,” Cindi said. One day they asked Cindi if there was anything she really needed.

Continue reading 2014 Year in Review Edition

Like his peers, Jack Fischer didn’t say much about the war… Every Flight Could Be The Last

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BSB November 2014 Veterans Week Edition 

Top Feature:

Every Flight Could Be Your Last

By Earl Stresak

Seated behind the yoke of his B-29 for another bomb run, Jack Fischer probably didn’t think much about what might be called a deadly trial and error air campaign reaching into Japan’s homeland. As is often the case with military campaigns, the high ranking brass and analysts gave their best attack strategies a shot. Continue reading Like his peers, Jack Fischer didn’t say much about the war… Every Flight Could Be The Last

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